Different Ways to Find Affiliates

Finding affiliates is the next thing you need to do after you create an affiliate program. You aren’t going to get affiliates without telling people about your affiliate program. There are numerous ways that you can do that, but here are a few ways that you might try to find affiliates for your products and services.

Link to Your Affiliate Program Right on the Product Website

Don’t hide your affiliate program. Even if you want only buyers to be part of it, use it as another sales page. Link to the affiliate program and then require a purchase to be able to earn commissions.

Host a Google Hangout to Recruit Affiliates

Google Hangouts are awesome to promote products, but they can also be used to promote your affiliate program. You can attract people who want to earn money within your niche to the hangout, and offer attendees an extra incentive to join and make their first sale.

Create Awesome Products

Nothing can beat an awesome product. It’s true – if you create products that people love and talk about, you’ll naturally attract super affiliates as long as you have a good program. The product can speak for itself on many levels.

Deliver Excellent Customer Service

Another added incentive to get people to join your affiliate program is your customer service program. Affiliates don’t want to have to worry about returns and problems associated with promoting your product. Be sure that you have implemented an effective customer service program.

Give Bonuses/Gifts after Their First Sale

If you really want to attract serious affiliates, offer them a bonus for their first sale and then progressively better bonuses for their 10th, 50th and 100th sales and so forth. These bonuses or gifts will not only attract more affiliates, but it will also make the ones you have work harder to earn the benefits.

Develop Effective Sales Collateral

Don’t make an affiliate work too hard, or they won’t want to be part of your program. Offer graphics, text content, images, samples and more for your affiliates to use. Offer to have a webinar for super affiliates or any affiliate who sells more than a certain number of items. The more you can help your affiliates, the more sales they’ll make.

Run a Make Money PPC Campaign 

You can also use pay-per-click campaigns to attract affiliates. Make the ads directed at people who want to earn a living from home as an affiliate, and also run them directed at experienced affiliates.

Go To and Participate in Live Affiliate Events

There are several affiliate events each year that you can attend when you run your own affiliate program. Find them, volunteer to help, offer to host a course, or speak, and get involved so that you will be seen as an authority.

Offer Lucrative Commission Rates

Good affiliates aren’t going to waste their time with poor products or low commission rates. Keep in mind that you can afford to give higher commissions when you are promoting digital products. Even if you only make 10 percent yourself, that’s still a lot of money for no extra work.

Offer Buyers the Opportunity

A really great way to get affiliates is to offer the opportunity to promote and refer your products to the people who have purchased the product. They’re the ones who will know the most about the product since they are really using it. They likely know people who will want to buy it, too.

If you want to have a successful affiliate program, these tips will help you accomplish that. Every aspect of your affiliate program, from the product to the execution of the program, matters when it comes to attracting affiliates to your program.

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