Video Marketing Tips to Explode Your Traffic 

Using video marketing in your business is an excellent way to create more content and get more eyes on your information, products, and services. As a traffic generator, video is a lot stronger right now that other types of content because it’s so popular. Since audiences engage with it more, search engines like it better too. 

  • Develop High-Quality Videos – The quality of your video should be good enough that your audience can see it and hear it. That means that you need good lighting and good sound for the videos you create. But rest easy knowing that most smartphones have good enough video quality, and that with the addition of a better mic and lighting you can make videos that will blow your competition out of the water with little effort. 
  • Publish Videos with Relevant Targeted Content – You need to know why you want to make that video and how you want it to affect the person watching it. When the content is targeted, the video gets more traction because it resonates. 
  • Create Compelling Titles and Headlines – This is how a person decides to consume the video. They see the title or the headline in a post, and they tell themselves that this is the information they need. If you want them to watch, make sure it’s what they want to know. 
  • Use the Description Box Fully Depending on Platform – Whether you publish on YouTube or another platform, they have an area for descriptions. Use the space carefully by including keywords and the information the viewer needs to know. You can also put a transcript there and even time stamps. 
  • Name Your Video File Properly – Naming a file for the web means that you understand how to add a keyword to the file name that someone will use to look for this information. This name is likely different from the naming convention you use to put it on your storage because it needs to be keyword rich. 
  • Embed Videos to Your Website Too – Regardless of the platform you use, always embed the video into your blog and on your website too. This is essential because your website is the hub of your business. 
  • Create Branded Intros and Outros – One way to make your videos branded and attractive is to create branded intros and outros that help solidify your expertise in their mind. These are just a few seconds long and introduce your video and then remind people at the end to like and share. 
  • Always Include a CTA Upfront – Don’t wait until the very end to include your CTA. Although the outro will include the CTA to like and share, your selling CTA should be shown to your audience within the first few minutes of the video. 
  • Ask Your Viewers to Like, Comment, and Share – Always ask your viewers to like, comment, and share directly. This is an excellent use for your intros and outros, by the way. 
  • Publish and Share Often – Don’t just share your video one time. Once it’s published, share it then and share it on a schedule as long as it’s relevant. You can use software to automate it via or others. 

When using video to drive traffic, remember the CTA and use overlays and text on top of the video to get their attention. Mention your URL so that they’ll visit your website. Also, remember that you can give away free stuff as an incentive to get even more traffic.

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