How to Strengthen and Grow Your Social Media Community 

For the past ten years at an accelerating pace, a worldwide transformation has occurred, especially within the digital marketplace. In fact, the change has been so revolutionary, that it’s become nearly impossible to grow your customer base and sales without a strong social media presence

The proof is truly astounding. Take a look.

There are currently 335 million users on Twitter, 1 billion users on Instagram and a whopping 2.23 billion users on Facebook. 

Would you agree that a good many people who could potentially become your customers, are hanging out on social media channels?

You may already have a social media account, but are you getting lots of new followers each month who are interacting on your platform? 

If this isn’t currently the case, it means you need to throw down the gauntlet and concentrate on growing your social media presence. 

The reality facing every marketer is this:

Whether you concentrate on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn…

Growing your social media presence is important to getting your business in front of more consumers and generate more sales. 

Here are 6 some simple tips, you can use to turn your lonely social media accounts into popular communities bustling with activity. 

In light of this, here are six tips that will help you improve your social media presence.

  1. Use the Correct Tools 

If you want to improve your social media presence, you need to post on social media often and at the most favorable times. In fact, according to studies, businesses should be tweeting 15 times per day

But if you’re a company owner, you probably don’t have enough time in your day to constantly be logging in to all your social media accounts. That’s why you need to use the correct tools.

Using proper tools will help you schedule your postings as well as ensure you’re posting often enough to improve your social media presence. 

  1. Focus on Customer Satisfaction 

Like it or not, social media has become the premier platform for customer service. 

Rather than giving a business a phone call or waiting hours (sometimes days) for a company to respond to an email, many customers who are having issues immediately turn to social media to get help from brands. 

In fact, 54 percent of customers prefer social messaging channels for customer care over the use of phone or email.

So, this reality makes it critical that instead of focusing so much on selling, you turn your time and attention to helping people. 

Using your social media platforms as a customer service podium will send more users to your social media, and make it easier for them to solve their problems. 

The good news is, you can even create a Facebook chatbot that will answer a customer’s questions when you’re not around. By doing this, your customers will also be more willing to buy from you… 

Because they trust that you will help them resolve an issue that may arise, quickly and efficiently.   

  1. Promote Your Social Media Accounts 

Don’t expect your customers to know about all your social media platforms and go searching for them themselves. 

You’re going to have to inform them and promote your sites on a regular basis. If you make it easy for customers to follow or like your social media profiles, they’ll be more willing to engage with you and take action.

Start promoting your social media accounts to your customers and ask them to follow, like, comment and share your posts. The more people are aware of your presence on social media, the bigger your following and fan base will be.

  1. Stay on Top of What’s Trending 

One of the best ways to create a bigger social media presence for your business is to piggyback on popular social media trends. Doing this will get your profile in front of numerous users who never knew about your business before, and who also can help your posts go viral.

You can stay on top of trends just by taking a look at what’s going on. 

For instance, on Twitter you can see the top trending hashtags on the left side on the homepage in the Trends for You section. Also look at what hashtags you can use to get more views. 

While it helps to use hashtags that relate to your business, they don’t have to be strictly relevant. 

  1. Focus on Eye-Catching Visuals 

One of the very best ways to stand out on social media while increasing your presence – is to focus on using eye-catching visuals.  

For maximum benefit focus on posting images that show images of people using your products and enjoying your services. 

You will need permission, but it’s even better if you can share photos of your customers enjoying and interacting with your product which will substantiate any customer testimonials you have listed on your website.

  1. Pursue Ongoing Engagement with Your Audience

Would you keep talking or pursuing someone who never returned your messages? 

In a word… No.  

Users won’t want to follow you on social media or interact with you if they get nothing in return. 

That’s why it’s so important to actively engage with your audience on social media. 

If you want to create a social media presence, then your social media accounts need to become a community. 

This means being committed to replying to comments that are posted on your page on a daily basis. In order to do this properly, you or someone you appoint to oversee your social media pages will have to monitor them ideally, several times a day, every day. 

You can also pose and answer questions in posts, and show appreciation to your followers and customers by thanking them and sharing user-generated content.

Engaging with your followers will not only increase your social media presence, but also help you develop real relationships with customers.

By following these tips, not only will you get more likes and follows than ever before, but you’ll gain more loyal customers too! 

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