Amplifying Your Blog Posts with Social Media

With the help of social media, online marketing has completely changed. Every single day on Facebook there are billions of posts being shared on the platform. When it comes to blog posts, WordPress alone can account for over four hundred and ninety thousand posts. A lot of people are on their smartphones more than they are on their desktops and other devices. 

You have to make sure that you create catchy content that not only targets your market, but which can be visible. Without the use of keywords, your blog posts are close to being non-existent. 

Whatever you are going to write about, chances are somebody else has written about it as well. So, it’s not about coming up with something that nobody else has done, it is finding your own unique way of telling a story. That is what social media for; it is about giving personalized messages. 

It is important to concentrate on the kind of reaction that your posts evoke. If your post is widely shared, it is a great way to show that your audience is active. However, post engagement shows that you have prompted your audience not only to share your content, but also to say something about it.

You have to realize that over half of the social media posts which are shared every day on social media platforms receive no shares at all. What does this mean? It means that you cannot rely on sharing only one post a day.

Which strategy should you use?

First of all, you should have knowledge of the biggest social media platforms which will help you capture reach your audience faster. Facebook and Twitter tend to still have a bigger following. If you want to develop a great marketing strategy these two platforms can’t be ignored.

It goes without saying that your written content should be well thought of, researched, and original. Even so, you should maximize the use of your social media by using what attracts people. A lot of people love memes, how-to articles, podcasts, and pieces based on one’s opinion because they are both attractive and shareable. 

Extra tip on how you can amplify blog posts on social media

Give influencer marketing a shot

What strategy are you using? It is important for your content to get out there and you have to make sure that as a businessperson you are using a working strategy. How many followers do you have? Maybe you have two hundred, or more. If you are depending on the two hundred followers that you have to share your posts, they might not.

Influencers who have over a hundred thousand followers are more likely to be active and have already built a relationship with their audience. They trust them and depend on them for information. Their audience is likely to share their posts which will then be shared by others. Partnering up with an influencer can be a great marketing strategy if you want to be seen. 

The strategy that you will use should depend on the expected results and the type of business you have.

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