The Benefits of Internet Marketing Training Videos from IME

According to a Forrester Research report, US companies alone will spend over $77 billion (by 2017) on marketing, with a focus on search engine and social media marketing. The increased spending will create a huge demand for people skilled in internet marketing – but the term “internet marketing” is itself a topic for debate. Here, you will learn more about internet marketing, and you will also learn how instructional videos from Internet Marketers Education can help you gain the knowledge you need to make money online.

Internet Marketing Training  for Beginners

Internet marketing is a form of advertising that involves the promotion of services and products to improve a brand or gain a greater market share. The most important skill any marketer can have is to know how to leverage the power of the internet to promote their products, through public relations and search engine marketing.

  • Search engine marketing is divided into two components: search engine optimization and PPC. In SEO, a website’s visibility in search engine results is manipulated through ethical methods. In PPC (pay per click”, marketers like you pay to get a site included in the SERPs.
  • Public relations involves the usage of online channels to influence the target audience’s opinion. At IME, we will show you how to use forums, blogs, news search, discussion threads, social media and other tools to boost and manage your brand’s reputation.

The Advantages of Internet Marketing Tutorial Videos from IME

  • There are so many options that you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. With a membership at IME, there’s no need to sift through a list of videos on general internet marketing, if you’re only looking for a video on how to increase your Facebook traffic. If you can think of it, probably has a video course that covers it!
  • You’ll enjoy great flexibility. One-on-one training is great, but that’s your only chance to take it all in. However, internet marketing training videos from IME are available on demand – meaning that you can learn at your own pace, and re-watch the presentations as many times as you wish. For a join fee of $19.97, you’ll get instant access to over 260 training videos on everything from WordPress to website flipping.
  • You’ll learn from some of the top experts in internet marketing. Online training videos allow you to learn from software engineers, programmers and others who have knowledge gained while working at Facebook, Google and other well-known tech companies.

Get your Internet Marketing Training Videos from Us

Our internet marketing courses take a hands-on approach, and you will gain a detailed understanding of IM – and you’ll come away with the skills and tools you need to get the job done. Our video courses will address the use of online media to promote and advertise your products, and they will also help you do market research and develop strong customer relationships. You don’t have to spend hundreds on other IM courses – not when Internet Marketers Education offers a vast library of training videos, all for the low price of $19.97 per month, or $199.70 per year. Sign up today – what are you waiting for?

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