5 Characteristics of a Successful Coach

Just like any other product or service out there, coaching inherently requires certain ideals.  Below are five characteristics of a profitable and successful coach.

5 Characteristics of a Successful Coach

1 – “I’m here and I’m totally focused on you.”

Your physical and mental presence is priceless to your clients.  The attention you give exudes professionalism and genuine dedication.

How? Focus on what you look for in those that serve you.  Attentiveness, openness, and creativity go a long way.

2- “We aren’t all that different.”

Each of us have some basic shared experiences.  Even the playing field by decreasing the sense of inequality between yourself and your client. 

How?Share relevant experiences and demonstrate how your knowledge-base can help solve the client’s unique problems.

3 – “Let’s collaborate.”

Just as with any relationship, fostering a reciprocal relationship ensures that your client is as invested as you are. 

How?Try validating your client’s feelings and ideas.  If they feel like they are a part of the creative process, and are encouraged by you, an expert in the creative process, success is imminent.

4 – “Let’s make a plan.”

People strive on structure.  With a well-thought-out plan, balanced by your support and their motivation, your client can undoubtedly succeed.

How? Reinforce the idea that your client has all the professional support and structure they could possibly need to succeed, and that all it takes is building and maintaining your relationship.

5 – “I know someone…”

Networking is never a bad thing.  Recognize that when you are hired by a new client, they may have needs beyond the scope of your practice.  Provide access to experts in your own professional network.

How?Don’t be afraid to offer the contact information for a colleague who you believe could help your client in ways beyond your expertise.

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