Your Email List Building Strategy Checklist

Plotting And Planning – What Are Your Goals?

What do you want to accomplish?

  • Get readers back to your site
  • Email offers
  • Share content
  • Build community
  • Convert sales

What do you want to cover?

  • Thanks & Welcome
  • Set expectations
  • Deliver freebies

How many emails?

  • Create a quick outline of the content you want to cover
  • Decide how many emails to send
  • Decide how many days between emails

Here’s an example of a possible planning layout: 

  • Day 0 – Welcome Email 
  • Day 1 – Email #1
  • Day 2 – Email #2
  • Day 3 – Email #3 
  • Day 4 – Email #4 
  • Day 5 – Email #5 
  • Day 7 – Email #6 
  • Day 9 – Email #7 
  • Day 12 – Email #8 
  • Day 16 – Email #9 
  • Day 21 – Email #10 

Continue from here with weekly A/R emails

The Welcome Email and Thank You Page

Remember first impression are important. Make sure the one your email subscribers get of you is a good one. 

If you’ve had your list for a while, go ahead and sign up as if you were a regular subscriber. Pay attention to the welcome email and the thank you page. 

  • What do you like about it? 
  • What can you improve to make a better first impression? 

Creating Your Thank You Page

  • Thank your readers for signing up. 
  • Remind them to confirm the opt-in if applicable
  • Let them know to look for the welcome email 
  • Share how / where they can get their freebie  (or) 
  • Set up a link to download the freebie. 
  • Make an offer for an entry level product they might find helpful. 
  • Your image and signature to create credibility 
  • Links to your blog and social media profiles

Creating Your Welcome Page

  • Decide if you’re delivering the thank you gift in the email as an attachment or with a link (we recommend a link)
  • Reiterate the offer from the thank you page
  • List expectations of what’s to come.
  • Keep it Short & Sweet

Write Them Quick and Keep It Easy

  • Be consistent in your greeting & closing
  • Write in a personal style
  • Write like you’re writing to one person
  • Ask questions
  • Encourage them to reply to your email 
  • Don’t get bogged down in the body of the email
  • Spend time on the subject line
  • Keep a swipe file of emails you like (particularly subject lines that made you open the email)
  • Check your open rates and keep note of the ones that were opened most often. Use those as a template for creating other good subject lines.

Load The Emails To Your Autoresponder

  • Follow the documentation for your chosen autoresponder manager
  • Add more autoresponder emails each week &  as needed

Track The Results and Listen To Feedback

After you get your first 100 new subscribers take a look at the data.

  • Check open rates
  • Check the click through rates
  • Look at the unsubscribes

Pay attention to the emails with higher open rates 

  • Were they topics your readers were interested in or was the subject line awesome?
  • Was there a particular email that resulted in more than usual unsubscriptions?

Pay attention to email replies but don’t take the haters and trolls to heart.  If they have a valid issue then deal with it.  If they’re just spewing ignore & delete.

Tweak and Plan Your Next Batch Of Emails

  • Don’t stop now.
  • Plan your next batch of emails

Set aside a little time once a week or even just once a month to plan, write, and add a new batch of follow up or autoresponder messages. Keep it up and you’ll start to see:

  • More traffic to your blog. 
  • More subscribers as you current readers share your emails with others. 
  • More interaction on your social media accounts if you share those in your emails. 
  • More one-on-one interaction with your readers and subscribers as they reply to your messages. 
  • More sale as you add more offers to your follow up funnel.
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