Income Boost Blueprint Make Money Writing Kindle EBooks

Writing and selling Kindle eBooks on has become a very popular way to earn extra money. At the high end, there are authors that routinely make over $100,000 per month. If you’ve always wanted a source of income that can conform to your hectic schedule, writing eBooks is an option.

Anyone can write an eBook. You don’t need the approval or support of a traditional publisher. There’s no upfront cost involved. Amazon will simply take a percentage of your sales.

Many aspiring writers are intimidated to get started, but this is unnecessary. You’ve been communicating all of your life. Only now you’re going communicate your thoughts and ideas via writing.

Tips for writing your first eBook:

1. Write what sells. If you’re writing fiction, you can choose just about any topic. However, some topics are more popular than others. For instance, anything about zombies has been quite popular lately. If you’re interested in writing non-fiction, investigate what’s currently selling well.

  • Anything to do with relationships, health, and money is perpetually popular. There are many categories within these three broad topics. For example, dating, marriage, divorce, weight-loss, dieting, investing, and making money are all popular topics.
  • Inform. We all have things that make us want to know more.
  • Solve a common problem. Find a need that matches your expertise and start writing.

2. Know your audience before you begin. Who would be interested in your eBook and how much would they be willing to pay? If your target audience is over 65, you might find that audience is a little bit less internet savvy and less likely to find your eBook.

  • A book written for teenagers might require a different voice than one written for business owners. You’ll find more success if your writing style closely matches your target audience.

3. Can the information be found for free elsewhere? With all the blogs and other websites available online, there’s a lot of great information available for free. That’s okay, but you’ll need to provide something “above and beyond” to make your eBook a worthwhile purchase.

  • While the information might be available for free, you could compile it into a more useful and readable format. You might be able to present a fresh perspective on the topic. What benefit will you be providing?

4. Create a writing schedule. Nearly all writers state that they’d never get anything done if they waited for inspiration to strike. A schedule is important if you want to complete your eBook in a reasonable amount of time.

  • You’ll likely learn through trial and error that you write better at certain times of the day. Some authors find writing to be easier in the morning or the late evening. Others prefer the middle of the day.
  • Some environments work better for some than others. Do you require total privacy or silence? Or would you rather write in a coffee shop or at the park?
  • Set a schedule and stick to it. Thirty minutes per day will probably result in higher compliance and productivity than a single marathon session.
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5. Keep writing and edit later. It can be a mistake to write a page and then stop for editing and formatting. Once you start writing, keep going! Do one task at a time. Set aside a separate time for these other activities.

6. Save, save, save. Sooner or later, you’re certain to lose a large chunk of writing due to a power failure or simple oversight if you don’t save your work often. Word-processing programs have auto-save features. Use them.

  • Save your work in multiple locations. That means your hard drive and another location. It can be a USB drive, external drive, online storage, or even a copy that you email to yourself at the end of each writing session. It would a shame to lose 200 pages of work due to a hard drive failure.
  • Ensure the formatting is acceptable. You’ll find many reviews of Kindle books that complain about the formatting. After you’ve uploaded your eBook, check the formatting. Spend the time to ensure your work looks as good as possible.

After your eBook is completed, it will be necessary to carefully edit and format your work. It’s advisable to first edit the book yourself and then enlist the services of another. Experienced and inexpensive editors can be found on any of the freelancing sites. You might even have a friend that’s qualified.

Marketing Your EBook

Many authors claim that writing is the easy part, and the marketing is the real work. Even the best eBook can languish if no one knows it exists. Marketing doesn’t come easy for many writers, but it’s a necessary part of the process.

Avoid the mistake of waiting until after your book is completed to being your marketing efforts. A marketing campaign requires time to be effective.

Tell the world about your eBook:

1. Create and maintain a blog. It would be challenging to find a successful eBook author without a blog. A website is very simple to build with Word Press. You can even build a site for free by using one of the free blog-hosting websites. and are two of many examples.

2. Price your book appropriately. Amazon takes a share of your sales, but the percentage varies with the price. Look at your competition and the commission rate. Find a price that works for you.

3. Consider giving a few copies away for free. People swarm to free items, and eBooks are included in this phenomenon. Your readers will tell their friends, and you could win future customers.

4. Get reviews. Give away review copies to relevant websites and organizations. One positive review from a recognized expert can make all the difference. Enough positive reviews from anonymous sources are also powerful marketing tools.

5. Take advantage of social media. Open and use social media accounts for both yourself and your blog. Inform everyone in your world that you have an eBook available for sale. It’s just as important to let everyone know before it’s finished. Pick a release date and start advertising.

6. Make a video. Talk about your book and provide a link to purchase it. Share the video through your blog and social media accounts.

7. Continue editing. Invariably, your readers will find errors and point out mistakes. Take advantage of this free help! Amazon makes it easy to edit your work and reload it. Your readers will appreciate your responsiveness. One advantage of eBooks is the ability to go back and make corrections after your work has been released.

Marketing your eBook is hard work. Many experts recommend spending at least as much time marketing as you do writing. Create and maintain a marketing schedule. Consistently spending time each day on your marketing efforts will prove to be the most effective strategy.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a gifted writer, it’s very possible to boost your income by writing, marketing, and selling Kindle eBooks. Many eBook writers are even earning full-time incomes from their work. Keep in mind that writing is only one part of the process. Marketing your work is just as important.

Consider Kindle for extra income. It might just be the solution you’re looking for.

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