12 Productivity Apps Busy Entrepreneurs Need to Know About

The words entrepreneur and busy go hand-in-hand. However, there are ways to boost your productivity with the right apps. These twelve productivity apps for entrepreneurs will save you hours of time and effort on many tasks that you need to do every day, week, month, and year. 

1. TextExpander.com – You write and read things all the time that you want to remember so that you can use it again. However, it can be very hard to keep track of it all and then find it later. With TextExpander you don’t have to, as you can instantly insert content that you want from a repository of collected text.

2. Voxer.com – This fun app is like a walkie talkie for your mobile phone. You can use this system to collaborate with your team, talk to clients, and more. It helps keep track of time zones and more too, so you can always be sure you all make it to meetings and get-togethers. You can even create groups within the PlanGrid. 

3. Feedly.com – You know how much research you do and how much information you need to keep track of. Feedly can help keep all the topics that you want in the same place so that you can easily read at a designated time. Once you set it up, it’s like having your own web page with all the daily information you need to read.

4. Trello.com – If you manage projects and keep documentation, whether with a team or by yourself, using software like Trello can help. Trello lets you set up your workflows, but it already has a basic workflow set up that you can use too. It’s super-easy for anyone to jump right in and use. 

5. Basecamp.com – This is a project management system that works with teams as well as between contractor and client. Keep track of tasks, time, find bottlenecks and more when you use this project management system. 

6. GoDaddy Bookkeeping – If you need easy to use single entry bookkeeping that is automated, this app works wonders. You can even find out how much you owe on your quarterly federal taxes with this software that automatically books transactions for any account you connect it to.

7. Buffer.com – Sharing your blog posts and other information to social media can take a lot of time and get in the way of having time for engagement. Using software like Buffer can help you get back to using social media for engagement. 

8. IFTTT.com – This stands for “if this, then that.” You can set up integrations with software to accomplish amazing tasks with IFTTT. You can build all sorts of actions based on your behavior or your viewer’s behavior. You can even set up your home to turn on lights or set up a document in Dropbox based on a question you received from a customer. 

9. Zapier.com – This is another option to do IFTTT to set up workflows and connect your apps with each other. For example, you can set it up so that when you get an email with a subject line, an MS Word document is created in a particular Dropbox folder, and so much more.

10. Dropbox.com – Mentioned already, this is simple and easy file storage that keeps your work safe in the cloud. You can back up your computer automatically to Dropbox and save all your important files and documents in Dropbox so that you can access them anytime from anywhere. You can share them easily too. 

11. LastPass.com – Most entrepreneurs have tons of passwords they have to remember. Since they’re smart, they don’t use the same password for everything (right?). Therefore, an app like LastPass can help with password management, keeping all your applications safe.

12. Evernote.com – With Evernote you can stay organized, connect with your team, clip important information offline, and so much more. You can manage entire products, create deadlines with your team and clients, as well as host meetings and keep notes.

Other apps do the same things that these do. You can test out a variety to find out what works best for you. What one person likes and another person likes can be very different. However, overall these productivity apps are well liked by entrepreneurs everywhere. 

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