Softaculous Web Hosting Panel

Softaculous is a leading app installer with over 351 scripts and 1115 PHP classes. It is widely used in the web hosting industry. Learn everything about Softaculous Webhosting in these training videos.


The tutorial series starts with an in-depth comparison of Softaculous and Fantastico, after which you will be given a full walkthrough of Softaculous along with the description of all the scripts. The video series will focus on CMS called WordPress and it will teach you how to install WordPress and take Backups of Installed Software.

Softaculous Web Hosting Panel

Video 1: Comparing Softaculous VS Fantastico
Video 2: Softaculous walk Though
Video 3: Overview of Scripts in Softaculous
Video 4: How to Install WordPress
Video 5: How to Edit Installation Details
Video 6: How to Backup Installed Software
Video 7: How to Uninstall Software

Softaculous Web Hosting Panel - Video Training Course