Demographics and Branding Training

Demographics Branding and Training will teach you how to understand the model persona of your ideal customers and creating a brand voice that resonates amongst them.


This video series will teach you how to locate your current consumer demographics and create brand messages that stick in their heart for a very long time. You will also learn how to get good logos and use other techniques to rebrand your business for greater outreach.

Demographics and Branding Training

Video 1: Figuring out your Customers Demographics
Video 2: Creating Memorable Slogans that Stick
Video 3: Power of Colors How to Use Colors to Sell
Video 4: Upgrade Your Logos Get Cheap Yet Quality Logos
Video 5: Upgrade Your Fuzzy Graphics to Vector
Video 6: How to Use Mascots to Brand Your Company
Video 7: Upgrade Your WordPress Sites Theme Design
Video 8: Creating Simple Video Intros
Video 9: Position Brand Trustworthy thru Educational Videos
Video 10: Boost Your Brand thru Facebook Posts

Demographics and Branding Training - Video Training