Amazon Affiliate Marketing Training

The Amazon Affiliate Marketing Training encompasses secrets shared by the top Internet Marketers with 10+ years of experience. Learn everything about product selection and banking with amazon Affiliate program.


Thank you for choosing the AAMT. This course is designed for both experienced and newbie marketers who want to earn money with the Amazon Affiliate Program. From product selection to creating and setting up your website and converting visitors, this course will teach you everything.

Creating Amazon Review Site

Video 1: How to Join the Amazon affiliate program
Video 2: How to pick winning categories at Amazon
Video 3: How to pick winning products at Amazon
Video 4: How to extract the right information from Amazon
Video 5: How to write Amazon product reviews
Video 6: How and where to outsource Amazon product reviews
Video 7: How to build credibility with your Amazon Product Reviews
Video 8: How to create Amazon product review websites
Video 9: How to register a keyword rich domain name
Video 10: How to get hosting
Video 11: How to install wordpress
Video 12: How to configure wordpress for your Amazon Review Website
Video 13: How to add reviews to your Amazon Review Website
Video 14: How to add your affiliate link to your Amazon reviews
Video 15: How to add pictures to your Amazon reviews
Video 16: How to add videos to your Amazon reviews
Video 17: How to Find and Change Theme
Video 18: How to add additional ads and banners to your Amazon Review Website

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Training - Video Training Course