How To Design, Develop, & Sell Premium Themes Training

You don’t need to be a coder to able to be able to make money developing and selling professional WordPress themes. This course will teach you how to outsource most of the complicated things in the process and develop a theme for selling, step by step.



The difficult part of WordPress theme creation is not the coding, but planning the layout. Go through these 17 videos to learn how to get a professional WordPress theme made that can be sold on theme selling websites like themeforest and elegant themes.

How To Design, Develop, & Sell Premium Themes

Video 1: Introduction to WP Theme Creation
Video 2: Understanding the Different Types of Theme
Video 3: Planning Your Layout For WordPress Theme
Video 4: Designing Your Layout for WordPress
Video 5: How to Find Photoshop WordPress Theme Designers
Video 6: The Basic Shop Option #1 - Utilize Experts
Video 7: Premium Theme Chop Shop Option #2 - Custom Control Panels
Video 8: Creating Premium Theme Specifications
Video 9: Finding WordPress Developers For Your Product
Video 10: How to Find WordPress Experts/Sifting
Video 11: NDA - Protecting your WordPress Theme Asset
Video 12: Quality Assurance Testing
Video 13: Branding And Packaging Your Themes
Video 14: Angle of Selling - Free Level/Pro
Video 15: Sales Copywriting 101
Video 16: Where to Market your Themes
Video 17: Final Recap

Design, Develop, & Sell Premium Themes - Video Training