Local Marketing Videos

Ever wandered what it takes to establish a full-fledged local business and market it effectively to double your profits? This video course will take you from no business to pro-business.


Welcome to the Local Marketing Video Series. In this 17 video series local marketing training program you will learn how to select a profitable niche for your business and establish a fully functional website to act as a pivot for multiplying your profits, with effect business planning.

Local Marketing Videos

Video 1: Introduction to the Local Marketing Pro
Video 2: Discover How To Choose The Best Areas To Target
Video 3: How To Choose The Best Niches
Video 4: How To Easily Register A Domain
Video 5: How To Get A Hosting Account
Video 6: How To Easily Setup Your Hosting
Video 7: How To Quickly Install WordPress
Video 8: How To Configure WordPress
Video 9: How To Change Your WordPress Theme
Video 10: Add Content To Site Quickly and Easily
Video 11: Market Site Though Online Methods
Video 12: Market Site Though Offline Methods
Video 13: How To Get Paid
Video 14: How To Quickly Add Clients Information
Video 15: Upsell Client To More Services
Video 16: How To Turbocharge Your Business
Video 17: How To Get Others To Do The Work for You

Local Marketing Videos - Video Training Course