Module 2: Search Engine Optimization and Tracking

Tired of paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars to SEO companies for managing the online existence of your website? This tutorial series will teach you how to do your own SEO in a manner that keeps you ten steps ahead of your competition.


There are ten videos in SEO and Tracking Training. Each video offers a detailed insight into 10 most important parts of an SEO campaign. You can see them one by one and try to implement them as you progress deeper into the training.

Module 2: Search Engine Optimization and Tracking

Video 1: Creating LSI Friendly Categories
Video 2: Cloaking Ugly Long Affiliate Links
Video 3: Help Visitors Find Content Thru Related Posts
Video 4: Using Authority Sites to Increase your SEO
Video 5: RSS Part 1 Finding Your Feed
Video 6: RSS Part 2 Syndicating Your Feed
Video 7: Visitor Friendly Sitemaps
Video 8: SEO Friendly XML Sitemaps
Video 9: Embedding Google Analytics
Video 10: Using the All In One SEO Plugin

SEO and Tracking Training - Video Training Course