Pay Per View Training

Pay Per View is a new form of Internet Marketing that is becoming increasingly famous amongst Internet Marketers today. Learn how you can make “pay per view” pay for you.


After following this video series, you will understand how not to get carried away by overblown marketing promises that upsell you to give you more than what you pay for. This tutorial will teach you how to use the same techniques to make more money by making your subscribers “pay per view.”

Lead Impact Video Course

Video 1: Introduction to PPV Advertising
Video 2: How to find targeted URLs to Bid On
Video 3: Landing Pages
Video 4: How to Setup a Lead Impact campaign
Video 5: How to Optimize your ads
Video 6: How to get the lowest possible bid on keywords
Video 7: keyword Suggestion Tool
Video 8: How to come up with good URL ideas with Clickbank
Video 9: How to use Quantcast to find related website
Video 10: How to find sites using Alexa
Video 11: Google Adwords tool
Video 12: How to search Google for similar sites
Video 13: How to Create a campaign based on keywords
Video 14: Media Traffic
Video 15: Direct CPV
Video 16: Traffic Vance
Video 17: PPV Genius

Pay Per View Training - Video Course