Techie Secrets Videos

The Techie Secrets Video series will teach you how to enhance your technical skills, by which you will be able to keep your business off the ground and ahead of competition.


Learn tips and tricks directly from the arsenal of pro webmasters who are spinning the money from their online business. The lack of technical skills can be the number one factor that shall keep you from launching your own business on the web, but the Techie Secrets Videos makes it possible.

Techie Secrets Videos

Video 1: How to find great ideas for domain names
Video 2: How to register a domain name
Video 3: How to get a hosting account
Video 4: How to set the nameservers for your new domain
Video 5: How to navigate your way around Cpanel
Video 6: How to upload files via Cpanel
Video 7: How to upload files with a FREE FTP program
Video 8: How to check your stats in Cpanel
Video 9: How to create a PDF with FREE software
Video 10: How to record your screen using free software
Video 11: How to create an account at YouTube
Video 12: How to upload a video to YouTube
Video 13: How to create a list inside of aweber
Video 14: How to create a web form inside of aweber
Video 15: How to create followup and broadcast messages in aweber
Video 16: How to create a WSO
Video 17: How to create a listing with WSO Pro

Techie Secrets Videos - Video Training Course